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Forex Στοχαστική Στρατηγική Εισαγωγή:

Σε αυτό το blog, Πάω να σας διδάξει πώς να χρησιμοποιούν στοχαστικές δείκτης σωστά και, τέλος,, μπορείτε να το εφαρμόσει για τις συναλλαγές σας και την απόδοση των συναλλαγών σας είναι να βελτιώσει. Αυτός είναι ο στόχος μου σε αυτό το post. I don’t to waste a lot of your time for only reading this report so I made it into a short and well packed!

Βασικά, stochastic is like any other oscillator but it probably has slight difference in my opinion.

Stochastic oscillator was developed by a trader called George Lane. The stochastic has a range of 0-100 and you can also see that there is an upper mark 80% and lower mark 20%.


When the lines move above the 80%, this indicates that the market is in overbought condition and we’re looking for a sell signal. While when the lines move below the 20%, the market is oversold and we should be looking for buy signal.

Ωστόσο, this is just a basic method to use stochastic. I believe there are many other methods out there but in this report, I’m going to introduce you the powerful method ever to dominate the forex market using this indicator.

The Forex Stochastic Strategy Method:

Here is the steps outline:

  • Identify the trend – to filter bad trades

  • Use the oversold and overbought technique

Βήμα 1: Προσδιορίστε την τάση

Open your chart and set exponential moving average 21 to become your trend indicator. I believe most of you understand how to use it, ωστόσο, anyway I will explain how to use this indicator.


Buying/Bullish Market:

When the EMA(Εκθετική Κινητός Μέσος) 21 είναι below the price, it shows that the market is trending up. Hence, we are looking for buy signal. The buy signal will come from the stochastic. We are only using the trend to filter bad trade (trade that against the trend). Get the idea? I’ll explain about the stochastic later on.

Παράδειγμα 1:


Παράδειγμα 2:


Selling Market:

When the EMA(Εκθετική Κινητός Μέσος) 21 είναι above the price, it shows that the market is τείνοντας προς τα κάτω. Hence, we are looking for sell signal.

Παράδειγμα 1:


Παράδειγμα 2:


Βήμα 2: Stochastic – Cross Over



  • If the trend is trending up, then look for stochastic Cross Over (blue line cross above the red line), then get έτοιμη να αγοράσει.


  • If the trend is trending down, ψάχνω stochastic Cross Over (the blue cross below the red line), then get έτοιμοι να πουλήσουν.

Now, see how the stochastic work:

για Αγορά:

Παράδειγμα 1:


  1. Shows the market is trending up

  2. Stochastic Cross Over

Παράδειγμα 2:

forex-stochastic-strategy-101, Τάση είναι μέχρι. 2, Stochastic Cross Over

Προς πώληση:


  1. The market is trending down

  2. Stochastic Cross Over (first sell entry)

  3. Another Cross Over(second sell entry)

That’s it! Congrats for reaching up to this point.

The Forex Stochastic Strategy Bonus Method:

Here is another way to use the stochastic to identify the reversal point of the market. With this bonus method, you can detect early selling or buying signal of the market.

Συνήθως, the stochastic and the price trending up on the same times and when the price is trending down, the stochastic is also trending down. What if the price is pointing up whilst the stochastic pointing down? That is abnormal and this is called divergence in forex trading.

We are looking for αγορά when the divergence occurs on the lower side:

Παράδειγμα 1:


Παράδειγμα 2:


We are looking for sell when the divergence occurs on the upper side:

Παράδειγμα 1:


Παράδειγμα 2:


***I recommend you to combine with other technical analysis for further confirmation when spotting this signal.

The Forex Stochastic Strategy Method In A Nutshell:

Έτσι, εδώ είναι ένα βασικό περίγραμμα του τι θα κάνετε με αυτή τη μέθοδο:

  1. Identify Trend – To filter bad trades

  2. Look for stochastic signal – Oversold for buy while overbought for sell.

Επίσης, don’t forget to implement the divergence method to your trading plan. I’m really sure that if you’re implementing this tactics a lot, you’re going to understand and able to trade easier.

Ελπίζω ότι απολαύσατε την ανάγνωση αυτό το σύντομο, simple blog post on Forex Stochastic Strategy. I wish you the best success in trading! Do share and comment if you are enjoying this! 🙂

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