Arktech Forex Scalping Strategy


Arktech Trading System

The system works on a 5 minute timeframe. Currency pairs that best works on this strategy are EU, GU, AU, EJ, GJ, NU, UCAD, UCHF and GU.
The main indicator are listed below:

  • Ichimoku (indicator from MT4)
  • BvS and ichi360 (I believe form Pip taker thread)
  • buysell (our infamous german advertiser: uncle “K”), this time not really a bad one. Make sure if your broker is a 4 digit, use and replace indicator with ***wait4. My broker is a 5 digit.

Other indicator used in this system:

  • FxProf (Miscal)


  • We only trade in 5M timeframe.
  • We get most of opportunities to enter the trades during the hours I mentioned in the previous posts.
  • Better not to trade during big or major news announcements, typically you will get less profitable trades.
  • We have to make quick judgement (because we are trading 5M, if missed it, that’s ok, wait for the next opportunities.

Our main objectives:

Buying opportunity:

  • Look for Tenkan-Sen (TS) to cross above Kijun-Sen (KS)
  • Arrow pointing upward.

Selling opportunity:

  • Look for Tenkan-Sen to cross below Kijun-Sen
  • Arrow pointing downward.

When we see the arrow and the KS/TS cross (the order of appearance does not matter), we have an opportunity to enter the trade. Whether to enter the trade or not is fully dependent to our visual judgement and we have limited time to take action (again, we are trading 5M time frame).
The arrow is very easy to identify buy and sell, but where KS/TS crosses is most important, and it is also easy to identify as well.

For a strong strength buy trade:

  • KS/TS cross (green cross by our ichi360 indicator) must be above Kumo cloud.

For a neutral strength buy trade:

  • KS/TS cross within Kumo cloud.

For a weak strength buy trade:

  • KS/TS cross below Kumo cloud.

For a sell trade is exactly reversed (Red Cross by our ichi360 indicator).

There are few important tips to know:

  • There is an alert, you can turn on when a cross (buy or sell) occurs and also the signal arrow from our uncle “K” indicator appears.
  • We have 9 pair charts open. Some pairs are correlated (positive or negatively), when both signaling the same time, pick the stronger strength pair to trade. For example, when EU and EJ signaled the opportunity to enter a trade, look at their chart and identify which pair has stronger strength trade and enter that one, don’t pick two.
  • Also pick the pair that the distance between the arrows candle and the cross candle is closest to each other and the difference of pips between the close of the arrow candle and cross candle is the smallest. If both of them are too far apart (6+ candles or 10+ pips), you might have to reconsider enter that trade. If both of arrow and cross appear closer to each other, the better is the trade.

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