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Online Trading can be mistaken as a quick way to get rich, but the truth is opposite. The pay here can be attractive, but it doesn’t come easy. There are certain measures you need to take to keep yourself safe. One such measure is learning about your platform as much as you can. Speaking of which, Easy Forex is the highest rated platform. Let’s see whether it’s worth the fuss or not.

Easy Forex Company Overview

Introduced in 2001, Easy Forex has been a marvel in trading platforms for the last 15 years. A product of Cyprus, Easy Forex is mostly used in Australia and Europe. The only problem is, Easy Forex doesn’t allow anyone to trade with the United States.  Since its inception, Easy Forex remained at the forefront of online trading. With a low deposit of $25 and leverage of 1:400, it sure is an attractive platform.

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Easy Forex Customer Support Information

Customer Service is not satisfactory.  There is a positive feedback, but the complaints about responsiveness and effectiveness can’t be ignored. Users are allowed to contact a representative via email 24×7. There is no toll-free number for other countries, besides Europe and Australia. Easy Forex also offers live chat and support is available in 12 different languages. Each user is assigned an account manager, but these managers are meant to help a larger audience which means more clients to take care of.

Easy Forex Trading Account Information

Easy Forex offers two types of account, Demo Account, and Deposit Account. Demo Account is just a simulator which is flexible enough to test the skills of the broker. There is no loss or win in this account. The Deposit account is the real thing! It starts with a minimum deposit of $25. Easy Forex offers its traders a leverage of 1:400. Typical spreads start from 0 pips, and it can go to 1-3 for common currency pairs. The funds are kept in segregated accounts with guarantees safety. Funds can be deposited in major currencies including Euro, AUD, USD, JPY, NOK, ZAR, CHY, GBP, etc. The funds are deposited via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or PayPal.

Easy Forex Trading Features

Easy Forex is among the best trading platforms due to its leading edge features. It offers Spot and FX forward orders. The easyMarkets platform helps for a better-fixed spread. Also, it offers to invest opportunities of metals including silver, gold, platinum, palladium and copper. The platform helps you to earn profits from both falling and rising markets.

Easy Forex Trading Software

Easy Forex Bonus provides a wide array of the trading platform. Both, Meta Trader platform and Web Trading platforms are available. There is also a mobile trading platform. Unfortunately, it’s only limited to iOS. Android or other users can’t benefit from it. It is believed that the company will introduce itself in the remaining platforms shortly.

Easy Forex Bonus System

Easy Forex doesn’t offer any exotic bonus, nor does it make tempting claims. Although, the Easy Forex offers 20% initial deposit bonus up to $2000. The platform offers risk-free trading of up to $200. Users are credited $200 immediately although they have lost or won a trade. In short, the Easy Forex makes sure you benefit from a break even and in some cases, double your money.

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