Fibo Trend Binary Options Trading Strategy


Fibo Trend Binary Options Trading Strategy

This is a binary options strategy that is based on the indicators of trend following and on the Fibonacci Ratio. It is trend following simply because it trades only in the direction of the trend. This Binary Options Strategy is also a good Scalping System. This works on a 5 or 15-minute timeframe and this is applicable to markets such as forex, futures, indices, stocks, metals and oil.

Metatrader Indicators:

  • QuicK Fib;
  • Daily Average Fibo Historical setting:

current days 20, Days to average,

Fib level 1=0,236;

Fib level 2=0,382;

Fib level 3=0,;

Fib level 4=0,618;

Fib level 5=0,764.

  • Zig Zag ws Channel R Indicator setting:

Ex Depth 12

Ex deviation 3;

EX Backstep3;

  • EMA (Exponential moving Average 21 periods)
  • Mini Sinyal;
  • X3 Semafor indicator;
  • 35 Ma SqueezeMA ed Flet;
  • DeMark Trendline Trader;
  • Pulse flat;
  • TrendFibo;
  • Fibo Ratio1 =8;
  • Fibo Ratio2=13;
  • Fibo Ratio3=21;
  • Fast EMA (5);
  • Slow EMA (8);
  • Signal EMA (7);
  • Accelerator Oscillator.

Call Entry:

  • Accelerator oscillator has a green bar.
  • Fibo Trend has a green bar.
  • Pulse flat has green bar
  • 35 Ma SqueezeMA ed Flet red line is greater than the blue line.
  • The candle price must be above DeMark Trend Line.

Put Entry:

  • Accelerator Oscillator has a red bar.
  • Fibo Trend has a red bar.
  • Pulse flat red bar.
  • 35 Ma SqueezeMA ed Flet blue line is greater than the red line.
  • Candle Price below DeMark Trend Line.

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