11 Types of Forex Trading Strategies Every Trader Should Know About


[toc]Forex Trading deals with currency trading. It involves buying one currency while selling another for speculation. The currency values tend to rise or fall due to some factors including geopolitics and economics. The objective of the forex traders is to profit from the changes in the currency. However, to excel in the Forex market, the traders need to have a sound understanding of the trading strategies otherwise, it will become difficult for the investors to make their mark. When the trader is well-versed with the Forex Trading Strategies, then he will be able to adopt a smart approach towards trading.

Different Types of Forex Trading Strategies

Here are the 11 types of best Forex Trading strategies that every trader must know.

  1. Forex Scalping Trading Strategies

    Let us start with the Forex scalping strategy first. It involves making a large number of trades and each trade makes small profits individually. When the trader makes use of the Forex Scalping Strategies, then he expects a profit of about 5 to 10 pips per trade. If you decide to make use of the scalping strategy, then it can be a challenging endeavor because it requires you to make a constant analysis of the Forex market and you need to place multiple trades. This makes using scalping strategies a full-time job. Secondly, if you decide to scalp currencies, then you need to be aware of the fact that you can only scalp for a few hours in the daytime. When you want your scalping strategy to be a success, then you need to be fast in predicting where the market will be going. Next, you have to open and close the positions in just a matter of seconds.

  2. Forex Trend Following Trading Strategies

    This Forex trading strategy tries to make use of the market trend mechanism and is directed towards taking advantage of the long-term goals. Traders who opt for Forex Trend Following Strategies use channel breakouts, moving average and current market price calculation for determining the market direction and generating signals. Traders who opt for trend following strategies do not tend to make a forecast or predict the price levels. They just follow the trend. Now the trend following strategies deploy a risk management component that makes use of the current market volatility, current market price and the number of shares held. The trader needs to be focused on market trends, and the current price can help the trader ascertain this fact.

  3. Forex Volatility Trading Strategies


    If you are wondering what volatile markets are then the simple characteristic of a volatile market is sharp jumps in the price. Now volatility breakout systems are designed in such a way that they can take advantage of this type of price action. The following are the key characteristics of volatility breakout systems.

    • They do not take benefit of the big moves.
    • Volatility breakout systems deal with short-term and quick trades.
    • The winning percentage of trades is higher, but the profit earned per trade is comparatively low.
    • Volatility breakout systems are based on the increase in volatility.

    This is why you should only opt for Forex Volatility Strategies if you understand the perception of Volatility breakout systems.

  4. Forex Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies

    The Bollinger Bands are a great technical analysis tool. The Bollinger Bands are used for measuring the lowness and highness of the price relative to the previous trades. Bollinger Bands are of three types which include the lower band, higher band, and middle band. The prices tend to be high in the upper band and low at the lower band. This helps in the pattern recognition. The way the traders use Forex Bollinger Band Strategies Some traders opt for a buy option when the price can touch the lower Bollinger Band and tend to exit when the price can touch moving average in the band center.

    Some traders tend to opt for the buy when the price can break above the upper Bollinger Band and sell when the price falls below the lower Bollinger band.

  5. Forex Breakout Trading Strategies

    If you intend to use Forex Breakout Strategies then, first of all, you need to understand the concept of a Breakout. Now the breakout is a point at which the market tends to break away, or the market starts to move away from a trading range. The trading range can be for any time length. However, if the price exceeds the lower or, the higher range, then this means that a breakout has occurred. If you want to make money using the breakout strategies, then you need to indulge in buying higher and selling higher in the bull market. If you are dealing with the Bear market, then you have to sell low and buy back lower.

  6. Forex Chart Patterns Trading Strategies

    Well, there are some chart patterns when you indulge in Forex Trading. However, there are two chart patterns that are commonly used. These chart patterns are Triangle and Head and Shoulders. Triangles tend to occur quite commonly in the short-term time frames. They can be descending, ascending and symmetric. Triangle occurs when the price converges with the low and high narrowing it into a tighter price area.

    The Head and Shoulder is more of a topping formation when an uptrend occurs. It is a downtrend formation when bottoming formation tends to occur. The pattern tends to complete in Head and Shoulder when the trend line breaks. To excel using Forex Chart Patterns Strategies you need to understand the concept of pattern formation well.

  7. Forex Pivot Point Trading Strategies

    Pivots are quite useful in the Forex market because they help to identify the entry points for the range-bound traders. Pivot points also assist the breakout traders and trend traders for spotting the key points that have to be broken for a particular move so that it can qualify as a breakout. However, for applying Forex Pivot Point Strategies in the best possible way you first need to understand the concept of a Pivot and how it is calculated. Now the pivot point is actually a point of rotation. The prices that are used to calculate the pivot point are the closing prices, the low periods of a security and the high period of You can get the information about the prices from the stock’s daily charts. However, the pivot points can also be calculated by making use of the hourly charts. You need to remember an important aspect. If you calculate the pivot point using the closing prices of the shorter time frame, then it will reduce the significance and the accuracy of the pivot point as well. The pivot point calculations have to be precise because it is the primary support in the Forex market.

  8. Forex Support and Resistance Trading Strategies

    First of all, let us explore what support means in Forex. It is actually a zone where the buyers tend to be more than the sellers, and here the price tends to increase in value. The resistance is the opposite of support. It means that the sellers are more than the buyers and thus this results in a price drop. Now the best thing to do will be to buy at the resistance and sell at the support. Resistance and the support are vital aspects of the Forex trading market. Now both these parameters tend to keep on changing depending upon the market dynamics. The investor should ensure that he explores the Forex Support and Resistance Strategies in detail before deciding to apply them.

  9. Forex Candlesticks Trading Strategies

    Well, the Candlesticks are considered to be the most powerful technical analysis tool. Candlesticks are often used as the default mode for charting. If the Candlesticks are applied correctly, then they can give you a correct idea about the situation in the market. There is no doubt about the fact that the Candlesticks can be termed as the leading indicators of the activity in the market. Approximately there are about 100 Candlestick patterns and Candlesticks in the market. Thus, it is not an easy task for the trader to understand all the Candlesticks patterns and Candlesticks in one go. What you need to do is that you should spend time and effort exploring the Forex Candlesticks Strategies. This way you will be able to understand every concept. Understanding the Candlesticks will affect your success in the Forex market. Now another most important aspect are the Candlestick patterns, and they can help you in making profitable trading decisions and even improve the accuracy of your predictions. There are certain important terms that the trader needs to be aware of when using the Candlesticks.

    The difference that exists between the open and close is termed as the real body. The higher values make the upper extreme of the real body. The lower values make, the lower extreme of the real body.

    The white or green candles tend to represent the increasing price. The black or the red candles tend to represent the price falling days. The candlesticks can be created for weekly, monthly or the hourly period. Thus remember the concepts if you intend to use the Candlesticks Strategy.

  10. Forex Renko Chart Trading Strategies

    Now if you intend to excel in the Forex market then you can make use of the Forex Renko Chart Strategies as well. The way to construct a Renko Chart is that when the price surpasses the bottom or the top of a previous brick by the pre-defined amount then a brick needs to be placed in the next column. When the trend is up the white bricks are used. When the trend is down, then the black bricks are used. This type of chart is going to be very useful for you if you are into Forex trading because you will be able to identify the key resistance and the support levels. When the trend changes, then the bricks tend to adopt alternate colors, and the transaction signals are generated at that point in time.

    Volume and time have no role in the Renko Chart. The Renko Candles tend to resemble small bricks. They have no lower or upper shadows. It is possible to change the size of the box in Renko Charts. When the box size is smaller, this means that the number of boxes will be higher. It is possible that price may exceed the bottom of the current brick or top of the current brick. The new brick is only added when the prices can fill up the current brick completely.

  11. Forex Swing Trading Strategies

    Well this trading strategy provides a simple method to trade currencies. You do not need to hold the long-term trends for this trading strategy, and still, you can make a lot of profits. Now the best part about swing trading is that you will have a set target and once you reach that target then that moment you are out. Now when you are making use of the Forex Swing Trading Strategies, then you need to remember the fact that both the profits and the losses will tend to come quite quickly. This means that you do not have to be a long-term trend follower and this makes swing trading strategies an excellent option for the new traders who have just started trading


Now all the mentioned strategies are perfect if you intend to start Forex trading. Now you need to understand the fact that it will take you some time to develop a command over the trading strategies. You will have your share of profits and losses initially. However, you should not get frustrated by this and eventually you will succeed as a Forex trader.

When you have a clear perception about these Forex trading strategies, then you will not encounter any problem in applying these trading strategies in the correct way.

Step into Forex trading today and try the best Forex trading strategies!


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