Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator for Metatrader 5


Harmonic patterns offer a unique perspective on price movements. By recognizing these patterns, traders gain an edge in predicting trend reversals and potential entry points. The Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator simplifies this process by automatically detecting harmonic formations, saving time and reducing subjectivity.

How Does it Work?

The indicator analyzes historical price data, searching for specific price structures that align with harmonic patterns. It identifies key points, such as swing highs and lows, and calculates Fibonacci retracement and extension levels. Once a valid pattern is detected, the indicator highlights it on the chart, providing visual cues for traders.

How to Understand?

Understanding harmonic patterns involves recognizing specific formations, such as the Butterfly, Gartley, or Bat patterns. Each pattern has distinct rules regarding price points and ratios. Traders can refer to the indicator’s visual display and accompanying information to learn about the identified pattern and its implications.

What are Trading Strategies While Using this Indicator?

Several strategies complement the Harmonic Pattern Finder:

  • Pattern Completion Zone (PCZ) Trading: Traders wait for the price to reach the PCZ, where harmonic patterns are likely to be completed. They then execute trades based on reversal expectations.
  • Confluence Trading: Combining harmonic patterns with other technical indicators (such as moving averages or RSI) enhances confidence in trade setups.

Risk Management and Position Sizing

Effective risk management is crucial when using the Harmonic Pattern Finder. Traders should determine their risk tolerance and set appropriate stop-loss levels. Position sizing should align with the pattern’s reliability and the trader’s overall strategy. Remember that even the most accurate indicator can’t guarantee success; proper risk management ensures longevity in the market.

Backtesting and Optimization

Before implementing the Harmonic Pattern Finder in live trading, conduct thorough backtesting. Historical data can reveal how well the indicator performs under various market conditions. Adjust its parameters and observe results to optimize its settings. Keep in mind that past performance doesn’t guarantee future success, but backtesting provides valuable insights.

How to Trade with Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator

Buy Entry

  1. Look for patterns like the Bullish Butterfly, Bullish Gartley, or Bullish Bat.
  2. Confirm that the pattern adheres to the specific rules (ratios and price points).
  3. Once the pattern forms, wait for confirmation signals.
  4. Look for additional technical indicators aligning with the pattern (e.g., moving averages, RSI).
  5. Enter a long position (buy) when the price breaks above the pattern’s completion level (Point D).
  6. Consider placing the entry slightly above Point D to avoid false breakouts.
  7. Set a stop-loss below the pattern’s low (Point X).
  8. Target the next significant resistance level or a predefined reward-to-risk ratio (e.g., 2:1 or 3:1).

Sell Entry

  1. Look for patterns like the Bearish Butterfly, Bearish Gartley, or Bearish Bat.
  2. Confirm that the pattern adheres to the specific rules.
  3. Wait for confirmation signals, similar to the buy entry.
  4. Ensure other technical indicators support the bearish bias.
  5. Enter a short position (sell) when the price breaks below the pattern’s completion level (Point D).
  6. Set a stop-loss above the pattern’s high (Point X).
  7. Target the next significant support level or a predefined reward-to-risk ratio.


The Harmonic Pattern Finder Indicator for MetaTrader 5 is a valuable addition to any trader’s toolbox. By mastering harmonic patterns and integrating them into a robust trading strategy, traders can enhance their decision-making process and improve overall profitability. Remember to combine this indicator with other technical tools for a holistic approach to trading success.

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