How To Buy Bitcoins


Buy Bitcoins

They are by far the biggest and best selling cryptocurrencies in the world right now; the bitcoin is particularly popular for the trend and pace it set for other cryptocurrencies in the past year. Your decision to invest in bitcoin is probably the best investment decision you will be making this year because following the strong wave the cryptocurrency is riding on, it looks like it is nowhere near dropping its high standards.

Following your decision to invest in this cryptocurrency, here is a beginner’s guide to help/ show you how you can buy bitcoins conveniently without hassles.

Steps on how to buy bitcoins

No matter how technical it might have sounded in the beginning, buying bitcoins really is not rocket science so here are easy steps on how you can do it. Please note that you do have to exercise proper care as you do with your other investments, this said, let’s begin the step by step analysis:

  • Buying bitcoins feels like downloading an application from your device’s store. First, you have to download a bitcoin wallet (there are different secure and safe sites you can do this on like, coinbase etc.) next; you fill out the online information with the necessary details as requested for by the app you have downloaded. Most account pages look like the online banking platforms your local commercial banks use for their customers so they do not look entirely unfamiliar.


  • You must establish (by calculations, weighing your various options) the amount of traditional money you are willing to invest in the buying the bitcoin. Once you have successfully created a bitcoin wallet, you then proceed to use your normal (traditional) commercial transaction medium (credit cards, bank transfers etc.) to buy bitcoin on a bitcoin exchange. You will see step by step instructions to guide you on making your purchase. It is advised that in doing your local transfer to your bitcoin wallet you need to use a two factor authentication (this is to secure your wallet from fraud).


  • After you have successfully bought your bitcoin, the value would be reflected on your wallet and there you have successfully bought your first set of bitcoins

We must state that the value of bitcoins are so high and this shouldn’t be a source of worry or concern to you as one of the advantages that come with investing in most cryptocurrencies is the fact that you can buy in bits and watch your investment grow.

As a beginner, you can never be too careful, please refrain from entering your personal details on unverified websites or by following links whose source you are unsure of. Cryptocurrency is the new digital wave and malicious people are feeding off beginners and even veterans alike where due care is not taken.

If need be, bookmark your bitcoin wallet service (where you are using a computer). Avoid using your login details on other people’s devices as bitcoins transactions cannot be refunded if transferred or taken wrongly. Welcome to the digital world, enjoy your new investment!





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