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Cryptocurrency : Verge

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies accepted and traded globally. Verge is one of the budding and prospect filled cryptocurrencies in the world, the coin was initially created in the year 2014 under the name DodgeCoinDark but was later rebranded and named verge in 2016. It is a cryptocurrency that has a public ledger whose primary aim is centered on privacy. It is verified by a blockchain technology and it has its foundation on decentralized peer-to-peer trading of its coins.

Verge is advantageous in the sense that it offers complete privacy and anonymity in transactions if buyers and sellers so desire. Verge is also coated with extra functionality due to its fantastic smart contract functions and compatibility with multiple blockchains. This article aims to give you a beginner’s guide to buying your verge coins. In the easy steps outlined below, you can buy and store your coins up safely.

Steps To Take When Buying Verge

After the brief advantages highlighted above, your interest in Verge is piqued and you are looking to buy. Not to worry, these steps are as easy as a, b and c.

  • Create a wallet on a secure exchange platform: Just as is obtainable with the purchase of other kinds of cryptocurrencies, this is the starting point where you want to buy your coins. There are various platforms where you can create your account like coinbase etc. Some applications would require you to use a valid ID so it is advised that you have one handy. After doing the required registration, you may then proceed to the next step which is funding you account


  • Funding your account: To enable you buy verge, you have to fund your already created account. You can do this either by transferring from your local bank account or you can buy verge using bitcoins where you already possess them. You must establish how much you want to invest because transactions are mostly irreversible in nature, so extra care has to be taken.


  • After you have successfully funded your account, you can now proceed to buy the amount of units you so desire. As stated above, you can buy with bitcoins also where you have them.


  • After the purchase, you will need to move the coins into the wallet that you created initially. This is to give you an extra assurance that your coins are safe. It is also often advised that the coins be moved so as to reduce their susceptibility to attacks from hackers and in case the exchange site crashes. Please remember that most transactions are irreversible so it is advised that your coins be moved because in the event that the site crashes, there will be no one to return your coins to you.

Though there are no guarantees, this cryptocurrency is one of the most promising prospects available. Its advantages shows that it is not here to joke around so as usual, weigh your options properly while bearing in mind that you are taking a business risk. There you have your beginner’s guide, we do hope it helps!

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