Hurst Oscillator MT5 Indicator


Hurst Oscillator is a powerful technical analysis tool that provides insights into market cycles, trends, and potential reversals. Developed by Jim Hurst, this indicator is based on the concept of self-similarity in price movements. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the Hurst Oscillator, its importance, how it works, and practical ways to use it in your trading strategy.

Why Is It Important?

Understanding market cycles is crucial for successful trading. The Hurst Oscillator helps traders identify recurring patterns and anticipate trend changes. By analyzing the fractal nature of price data, it provides a unique perspective on market dynamics.

How Does It Work?

The Hurst Oscillator calculates the Hurst exponent, which quantifies the degree of self-similarity in price movements. Here’s how it works, Hurst exponent measures the persistence or randomness of a time series. Values above 0.5 indicate a trending market, while values below 0.5 suggest mean-reverting behavior.


The indicator uses two input parameters:

  • Period: The calculation period for the Hurst exponent.
  • Smoothing: The smoothing period for the oscillator.

The formula for the Hurst Oscillator is:

HO = MA – CMA[Period/2-1]

  • CMA is the Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the median price over the specified period.
  • MA is the SMA of the flow value (determined based on the closing price relative to the previous close).


  • If the current close is higher than the previous close, the flow value is set to the high price.
  • If the current close is lower than the previous close, the flow value is set to the low price.
  • If the current close equals the previous close, the flow value is the average of the high and low prices.

Timeframe Considerations

When using the Hurst Oscillator, it’s crucial to tailor your approach to the specific timeframe you’re trading. Shorter timeframes demand more frequent adjustments. For intraday traders, a shorter period (around 20 bars) may provide accurate signals. Conversely, swing traders or long-term investors might prefer longer periods (50 bars or more) to capture broader trends. Remember that no single setting fits all situations; adapt based on your trading horizon.

Combining With Other Indicators

The Hurst Oscillator works best when complemented by other technical indicators. Consider pairing it with moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), or Bollinger Bands. For instance:

  1. Moving Averages: Look for crossovers between the Hurst Oscillator and moving averages. Bullish crossovers above the moving average signal potential uptrends, while bearish crossovers below indicate possible downtrends.
  2. RSI: Confirm the oscillator’s signals with RSI readings. Overbought or oversold conditions on both indicators strengthen the validity of your trade decisions.
  3. Bollinger Bands: Observe price volatility alongside the Hurst Oscillator. When the bands contract, signaling low volatility, watch for potential breakouts.

How to Trade with Hurst Oscillator Indicator

Buy Entry

  1. Look for a bullish crossover of the Hurst Oscillator above its signal line.
  2. Confirm with other indicators (e.g., moving averages, RSI) for additional validation.
  3. Set a buy-stop order just above the recent high or breakout level.
  4. Place the stop-loss below the recent swing low or a support level.
  5. Target the next resistance level or a predefined reward-to-risk ratio (e.g., 2:1).

Sell Entry

  1. Look for a bearish crossover of the Hurst Oscillator below its signal line.
  2. Confirm with other indicators for added confidence.
  3. Set a sell-stop order just below the recent low or breakdown level.
  4. Place the stop-loss above the recent swing high or a resistance level.
  5. Target the next support level or a predefined reward-to-risk ratio.


Hurst Oscillator is a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit. By understanding market cycles and using this indicator wisely, you can make informed decisions and improve your trading outcomes. Remember to practice and adapt your strategy based on real-time market conditions.

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