MFI Candle Keltner MT5 Indicator


The Money Flow Index (MFI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the strength and direction of money flow into or out of a security. It combines both price and volume data to provide insights into market trends and potential reversals. The Candle Keltner component refers to the Keltner Channels, which are volatility-based bands plotted around a moving average.

Components of the Indicator

MFI (Money Flow Index):

  • Ranges from 0 to 100.
  • Values above 80 indicate overbought conditions, while values below 20 indicate oversold conditions.
  • Calculated using price and volume data.

Candle Keltner Bands:

  • Consists of an exponential moving average (EMA) and upper/lower bands.
  • The upper band is calculated as EMA + (ATR * multiplier).
  • The lower band is calculated as EMA – (ATR * multiplier).
  • ATR (Average True Range) measures volatility.

How to Trade with MFI Candle Keltner Indicator

Buy Entry

MFI Divergence

  • Look for a bullish divergence between MFI and price.
  • If MFI makes higher lows while price makes lower lows, it suggests potential upward momentum.
  • Consider buying when the MFI crosses above 50.

Bounce from Lower Keltner Band

  • When the price touches or bounces off the lower Keltner band, it may signal a buying opportunity.
  • Confirm with MFI rising from oversold levels.

Sell Entry

MFI Overbought

  • If MFI reaches extreme overbought levels (above 80), consider selling.
  • Look for prices to reverse or show signs of weakness.

Breakdown from Upper Keltner Band

  • When the price breaks below the upper Keltner band, it could indicate a potential reversal.
  • Confirm with MFI crossing below 50.

Practical Application

Example Trade Scenario

Buy Entry

  • MFI shows bullish divergence (higher lows).
  • Price bounces off the lower Keltner band.
  • Enter a long position when MFI crosses above 50.

Sell Entry

  • MFI reaches overbought levels (above 80).
  • Price breaks down from the upper Keltner band.
  • Consider shorting when MFI crosses below 50.


The MFI Candle Keltner MT5 Indicator is a versatile tool that combines the Money Flow Index (MFI) with Keltner Channels. By understanding its components and interpreting its signals, traders can make informed decisions in the financial markets. Remember to apply proper risk management techniques and combine this indicator with other tools for comprehensive analysis.

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