No Deposit Forex Bonus

What You Need To Know About No Deposit Forex Bonus

No Deposit Forex Bonus

Forex trading has become a widespread practice that is looking to stay for a long time. The reasons for this is not far-fetched as online trading has been made easier through forex trading. Forex trading is a global trading market that allows merchants and individuals of all world of life exchange foreign currency. All currencies can be exchanged via forex trading. However, the Dollar(USD) and Euro (EUR) are the most demanded currencies out of all of these.

Forex trading usually occurs in pairs based on what exchange you need. For instance, if you’re looking to trade euros for dollars, the EUR/USD pair lets you know the specific amount of euros is needed to get one dollar. [toc]

The prices of each currency are affected directly by the demand for it. Hence, the fluctuations in exchange price sometimes experienced.

The advantages of investing in forex trading are numerous. From more secure transactions, low cost of transactions, and leverage via the availability of a demo account that allows you get the hang of things before you proceed to invest. A lot of platforms offer this service and its proven to be beneficial. This because a user is allowed to use this demo account for as long as he wants. Also, it gives you enough time to imbibe the market conditions.

Apart from a demo account, there are forex brokers that offer a forex welcome bonus that doesn’t require you to have cash in your account. Over 75% of forex brokers offer special bonuses to users on their forex trading platform. However, amongst all of these bonuses, the No Deposit Forex Bonus is rates as one of the top special bonuses by clients all over the world.

This article will enlighten you on what a No deposit forex bonus is, what it entails, and how to get one.

What Is A No Deposit Forex Bonus?

As mentioned earlier, a no deposit forex bonus is a special bonus offered by a lot of forex brokers on several forex trading platforms. A no deposit forex bonus is usually used as a welcome package for first timers on a brokers page. It is offered during your initial visit to your broker’s page. It is very similar to the traditional deposit bonus. However, it differs in the following ways;

A deposit bonus is only possible after you have deposited in your account, while a no deposit bonus doesn’t require you to do that.

● A deposit bonus directly depends on the amount of money deposited in your account. However, the no deposit bonus doesn’t depend on that.

● A no deposit bonus is always given to first timers on the first visit to their broker’s page. A deposit bonus, however, can be given after that.

● A no deposit forex bonus is usually a specific amount of money, while a deposit bonus is a percentage of the deposit made.

A no deposit forex bonus is usually a specific sum of money that is specific to a particular forex trading platform. The sum of money is usually between $15-$30. You also have the opportunity to choose a currency that best suits you as the equivalent will be credited to your account.

How To Get A Great No Deposit Forex Bonus

Several forex trading platforms offer this special bonus to new clients. However, the amount of money attached to the bonus differs from each other. Getting a no deposit forex bonus is very stress-free as all you have to do is be an official user. There is no hassle attached to it.

The steps below will help you out in deciding on the best no deposit forex bonus out of several others.

Choose a Great Forex Bonus Offer

You have the opportunity of doing a bit of research before proceeding to register with a particular trading platform. You can go through forex brokers reviews and compare several bonuses offered. Make sure to choose the best no deposit forex bonus amongst others, and also different forex trading features.

This is essential because there are a lot of bad reputable forex brokers who attract a lot of clients with large bonuses. Sifting through and making proper research can prevent you from falling victim.

Register on the broker’s site

After proper research and comparison, you can then register on the broker’s site.

Verify your contact information

Your contact information like your ID and phone number are required during your registration process.

After this registration, you can claim the no deposit forex bonus immediately. Fortunately, the amount is usually enough for two trades. However, it is important to understand they this bonus cannot be withdrawn. If you earn a winning after trading, you’re still not allowed to withdraw it. In some forex trading platforms, the forex broker requires a four to five-turnover before a withdrawal is possible.

Advantages Of The No Deposit Forex Bonus

The no deposit forex bonus is a great way to transition a beginner into the world of forex trading. Here are a few advantages of the no deposit forex bonus;


This welcome bonus is a great way of attracting clients to invest in forex trading. Forex trading can be a bit discouraging especially if you have lost several investments. This bonus can help. Motivate individuals to invest in a particular forex trading platform.

Reduced Initial Investments

The no deposit forex bonus provides enough money for at least two trades. This helps a beginner save his initially planned investments while he trades with his bonus.

Larger Amount Of Profits

Trading with the bonus received means a larger amount of profits. You would have likely made a profit from the bonus before trading with your own money. The total amount will become larger compared to what your gains would’ve been.

A no deposit forex bonus is a very great opportunity to make more money off a forex broker’s trading platform. It is advisable to take this opportunity whenever you get it as there are no cons attached to it.

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