Sniper’s Ergodic CCI Forex Trading System


Sniper’s Ergodic CCI Forex Trading System

The sniper ergodic CCI is a forex trading system that uses nonlag MA, SHI_SilverTrendSig, and FX Sniper’s Ergodic_CCI_Trigger indicators. The timeframe used for this method is 4 hours and works in all currency pairs.

MT4 Indicators:


  • Filter=20
  • Color=1
  • ColorBarBack=0


  • Allbars=0
  • Otstup=30
  • Per=9.0
  • Don’t forget to change the colors also (0=blue-1=red)

FX Sniper’s Ergodic_CCI_Trigger

  • pq=4
  • pr=8
  • ps=5
  • trigger=4

Long Entry:

  1. A red dot appears.
  2. The ergodic CCI crosses up the trigger line ( blue line crosses up the red one )
  3. The NonLagMa color changes to yellow.

Short Entry:

  1. A blue dot appears.
  2. The ergodic CCI crosses down the trigger line ( red line crosses down the blue one )
  3. The NonLagMa color changes to yellow.

Exit Position:

Exit when a new dot appears (red if you are long and blue if you are short). This method gives you mechanical trades. Don’t hesitate to transform them into a discretionary trade after because you can see things that the system can’t. Sometimes, it will be the difference between a 30 pips trade and 300 pips trade. Once you move your stop to breakeven and add a trailing stop.

Stop Loss:

Look for previous daily Resistance-Support or look for for the high or low of the previous bar.


Price Entry:

The price enter is the open price of the candle or bars where the NonLagMa is yellow.

Ergodic_CCI :

The signal is stronger when the FX Sniper’s Ergodic_CCI_Trigge is above 300 or under -300.


”The non-lag MA does turn yellow/┬ánon yellow while the current candle/bar is still forming, so enter a trade until the end of the current candle confirms that the yellow section doesn’t switch back to a non signal.

The order:

  • Don’t take a trade when the cross happens before the dot or when the cross happens after the nonlag.
  • Wait for a dot then for the cross and then for the nonlag.

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