Super Trend Indicator for Metatrader 5

Super Trend Indicator for Metatrader 5

Super Trend Indicator is a trend-following tool designed to identify the prevailing market direction. It dynamically adjusts its position based on price movements, making it particularly useful for capturing trends across various timeframes. Traders often integrate it into their MT5 charts to gain insights into potential entry and exit points.

Calculation Methodology

The Super Trend calculation involves two key components:

  1. Average True Range (ATR): This measures market volatility and serves as the basis for determining the indicator’s sensitivity.
  2. Multiplier Factor: The user-defined multiplier determines the distance between the Super Trend line and the price.

Interpretation Of Super Trend Signals

Sideways Market Conditions

During choppy or sideways markets, the Super Trend may oscillate around the price, signaling caution.

Trend-Following Strategies

  • Riding the Trend: Stay long as long as the Super Trend remains bullish.
  • Multiple Timeframes: Confirm trends across different timeframes.

Reversal Strategies

  • Super Trend Flips: Monitor trend reversals when the indicator changes direction.
  • Combining with Oscillators: Use Super Trend alongside RSI or MACD for confirmation.

Adaptive Super Trend

The standard Super Trend uses fixed parameters, but what if we could adapt it dynamically to changing market conditions? Enter the Adaptive Super Trend. This version adjusts its sensitivity based on recent price volatility.

  • Calculation: Instead of a fixed ATR period, use a dynamic one that considers recent market behavior.
  • Responsive Signals: Adaptive Super Trend reacts swiftly to sudden price movements, reducing lag.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis

Trading decisions benefit from a holistic view. By combining Super Trend signals from different timeframes, you gain a comprehensive perspective.

  • Primary Timeframe: Identify the trend direction on your primary chart (e.g., daily).
  • Confirmation Timeframe: Look for matching Super Trend signals on a lower timeframe (e.g., hourly).
  • Confluence: When both timeframes align, it strengthens your conviction.

How to Trade with Super Trend Indicator

How to Trade with Super Trend Indicator

Buy Entry

Bullish Breakout

  1. Wait for the price to break above the Supertrend line (which is displayed as a filled area or a signal line).
  2. Confirm that the indicator turns green, signaling a bullish trend.
  3. Enter a long position when the price breaks out, aiming to ride the upward momentum.
  4. Set your stop-loss just below the Supertrend line to protect against sudden reversals.
  5. Consider using a trailing stop to lock in profits as the trend continues.

Support Bounce

  1. Observe the price approaching the Supertrend support level (where the indicator acts as a support for the trend line).
  2. Wait for a bounce off this level, indicating potential buying pressure.
  3. Enter a buy order when the price confirms the bounce.
  4. Place your stop-loss below the support level.
  5. Target a take-profit based on your risk-reward ratio.

Sell Entry

Bearish Breakout

  1. Monitor the price breaking below the Supertrend line.
  2. When the indicator turns red, signaling a bearish trend, consider shorting the market.
  3. Set your stop-loss just above the Supertrend line.
  4. Look for a take-profit level based on your risk management strategy.

Resistance Breakdown

  1. Identify the Supertrend resistance level (where the indicator acts as resistance to the trendline).
  2. Wait for the price to break below this level, indicating potential selling pressure.
  3. Enter a sell order when the breakdown occurs.
  4. Place your stop-loss above the resistance level.
  5. Determine a take-profit based on your risk-reward ratio.

Super Trend Indicator Settings

Super Trend Indicator Settings


Supertrend Indicator provides clear signals for trend direction, making it a valuable tool for traders. Remember that no indicator is infallible, so always combine it with other technical analysis tools and consider the overall market context. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, the Supertrend’s simplicity and effectiveness can enhance your trading strategy.

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