The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms


Best Place To Trade Cryptocurrency

By refreshing our minds, let’s bring the meaning and definition of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency by definition is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure it transaction, to control the creation of additional units and to verify the transfer of assets. It is meant to protection and security. But the question still remain that what are the cryptocurrency exchanges?

Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms are sort of platforms that provide tunnels or routes for purchasing and selling digital assets maybe into euros, pounds or the likes. In other words, one can sell bitcoins and buy dollars from the bitcoin sold or sometimes by exchanging bitcoins for another.


Among all, if not all, coinbase seems to be the best of them of them all. By research, it has the support of more than thirty-two countries and closely more than five million active account holders.  By trading in coinbase, you are allowed to use paypal, bank account and any other kind of legal recognised means of payment to trade sell and acquire bitcoins. Happily, a holder can buy bitcoins with a linked bank account to the platform. Among all other, it is the most reputable in the exchange platform.


Though, it has just been given birth to but it’s becoming powerful day by day. It was given birth to in Korea, South Korean precise. It like twin brother to binance mainly because they both operate in a more similar way in relation to listing of new altcoins more faster than any other type of cryptocurrency exchange. Also, on a main point, they offer their type of unit of currency which give power to people to receive shares from the platform.


It will be highly disregarding if one doesn’t mention the one of the old cryptocurrency exchange platform in the universe. However, the platform can only be used for Alt-coins which contain ethereum and bitcoins. In other words, only ethereum and bitcoin can be used in this platform which is given birth to alt-coins. The platform was registered with financial crimes enforcement network and it deals in sort of unit of currency just like Kukoin. Also in this platform, user must fully verify their profiles before they can enter into any sort of trading.


Just like Kucoin, binance is also one of the fast rising cryptocurrency exchange platforms. One of the advantages of this platform is that you don’t need to be verified before you start trading. In other words, the moment you become a member, you can directly start trading. Also, their fee is of minimum. They maintain a set of basic but advanced platform.


What funny me most but which I really about coinmama is that they one can purchase with either debit card or credit card. The significant difference between coinmama and coinbase is that the limitiation as to how much bitcoins someone can purchase is highly different from that of coinbase. Unlike coinbase, you can purchase five dollars of coins daily or even up to twenty dollars monthly. Happily also, which is same as binance, the charging fees is of minimum rate.

However, from the above listed platforms, before joining, it is advised that you should take into consideration the reputation, fees, the kind of security, geographical sites or regions and as well as their exchange rates before registration into any of them.

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