Tick Chart MT4 Indicator


RW Tick Chart indicator is a powerful tool designed for traders using the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. It provides a unique perspective on price movements by displaying tick-based candlestick charts directly within the MT4 indicator window.

Why Is It Important?

Volatility is the heartbeat of the financial markets. It dictates price movements, liquidity, and trading opportunities. However, relying solely on time-based charts can be limiting. Enter the Tick On Chart Indicator—a game-changer for traders who want real-time insights into market activity. Unlike traditional time-based charts, this indicator focuses on transaction volume, revealing the intensity of buying and selling pressure.

How Does It Work?

The Tick on Chart Indicator measures price changes based on a predefined number of trades (ticks) rather than fixed time intervals. For instance, if you’re using 500 tick charts, each new tick represents 500 transactions between buyers and sellers. This approach provides a dynamic view of market movement, allowing you to spot price spikes, gauge market activity, and identify optimal entry and exit points.

How to Understand?

Understanding the Tick On Chart Indicator is straightforward. Each tick signifies a price change, whether up or down. The more ticks generated within a specific period, the greater the trading activity. When market makers and large institutional players place orders, the indicator reflects heightened tick activity. As a trader, you’ll gain valuable insights into market dynamics, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

Combining With Volume

Volume and ticks go hand in hand. When you pair tick charts with volume indicators, magic happens. Imagine a symphony in which the tick count provides the rhythm, while volume acts as the crescendo. When both align, you get a powerful signal. For instance, if tick activity surges alongside a spike in volume, pay attention. It’s like the market shouting, “Hey, something’s brewing!” This synergy reinforces your trading decisions. So, keep an eye on the harmony between ticks and volume—it’s where the real story unfolds.

How to Trade with Tick Chart Indicator

Buy Entry

  1. Condition: Look for a bullish signal on the tick chart.
  2. Upward Tick Surge: When you see a sudden surge in ticks accompanied by rising prices, consider it a potential buy signal.
  3. Higher Highs and Higher Lows: Observe if the tick chart shows higher highs and higher lows, indicating an upward trend.
  4. Entry Point: Buy when the tick activity aligns with a pullback or consolidation phase.
  5. Set your SL below the recent swing low or a critical support level.
  6. Target the next resistance level or a predefined profit target.

Sell Entry

  • Condition: Look for a bearish signal on the tick chart.
  • Downward Tick Surge: When ticks spike downward alongside falling prices, it’s a potential sell signal.
  • Lower Highs and Lower Lows: Observe if the tick chart forms lower highs and lower lows, indicating a downtrend.
  • Entry Point: Sell when the tick activity aligns with a retracement or consolidation phase.
  • Set your SL above the recent swing high or a significant resistance level.
  • Target the next support level or a predefined profit target.


Tick On Chart Indicator empowers traders with real-time data, revealing market nuances that time-based charts often miss. Whether you’re a day trader, scalper, or swing trader, integrating this indicator into your toolbox can enhance your decision-making process.

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