TMA Binary Options Trading Strategy


TMA Binary Options Trading Strategy

TMA Binary System is a complex ambitious trading system. The main feature of this strategy is it combines momentum indicators, price action, and trend indicators. This works in all indices, forex, commodities, and the stock market. This system is applicable to a 5-minute timeframe or higher but works best on a 4-hour timeframe. The expiry time would be 7-10 bars discretionary. On a 5 minute candle. the expiry time would be 10 candles.

Metatrader Indicators:

  • Support and Resistance,
  • TMA (true wit band deviations 2.5),
  • Donchian Bands (20-period),
  • 5 EMA,
  • 11 EMA,
  • Stochastic oscillator (40, 1, 7, close, with MACD 12, 26, 1, close, and 34 Ema close).

Call Entry:

  1. The Dochian Bands must break the lower TMA band;
  2. The Histogram MACD is greater than 34 EMA.
  3. The 5 EMA must cross upward 11 EMA.

Put Entry:

  1. The Dochian Bands must break the upper TMA band.
  2. The histogram MACD is less than 34 EMA.
  3. The 5 EMA must cross downward 11 EMA.

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